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Security Testing with ZAP and GitHub Actions

Dynamic Application Security Testing (DAST) with OWASP Zap Scanner


For this demo, I decided to use OWASP ZAP Full Scan.
You can find this at GitHub Marketplace.

Let Start the Demo

  1. Go to Actions tab at your GitHub Repo. Alt Text
  2. Select set up a workflow yourself ->
  3. Go to Marketplace, search for OWASP and Select OWASP ZAP Full Scan, and you will see the sample workflow snippet. Alt Text
  4. Modify the workflow snippet as below and replace with sample website URL. After modified, select Start commit.
name: zapfull-security-scan
    branches: [ master ]
    branches: [ master ]

    runs-on: ubuntu-latest
    - name: OWASP ZAP Full Scan
      uses: zaproxy/action-full-scan@v0.1.0
        target: ""
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5.Go back to Actions tab, you will see the workflow In progress.
Alt Text
6.Select the build. The workflow in progress setup and scanning.
Alt Text
7.After complete scanning through OWASP ZAP, the report will generated in Issues tab.
Alt Text
8.For more details for OWASP ZAP Full Scan report, you can go back to the Actions tab, select the Artifacts zap_scan. After downloaded, you will see the OWASP Report as below.
Alt Text


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