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Create a Azure virtual network

A virtual network can be created by using the Azure portal, the Azure CLI 1.0, or Azure PowerShell.

Using the Azure portal

1.Sign in to the Azure portal.
2.In the upper-left corner of the screen, select Create a resource > Networking > Virtual network.
3.In Create virtual network, enter or select the information in the following table.

Setting Action
Name: myVirtualNetwork
Address space:
Subscription: Select your subscription
Resource group: Select Create new, enter myResourceGroup, and then select OK.
Location: Select a location near you.
Subnet Name: myVirtualSubnet.
Subnet Address range: 10.1.0/24.

4.Leave the rest of the defaults, and then select Create. Notice these settings. Point to the information icon to review the description of each setting:

  • DDoS protection
  • Service Endpoints
  • Firewall

5.Select the notifications icon, which displays a highlighted number, and then review your new virtual network by selecting Go to resource.

To add two VMs to your virtual network, follow the steps detailed here.

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