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Automate Your Social Media with Power Automate

Eng Soon Cheah
Pursuit my dreams working in U.S.
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  1. Go to Power Automate ( and Sign in with your M365 Account.

  2. Search for "Twitter".
    Alt Text

  3. Select Template "RSS Feed news to Twitter".
    Alt Text

  4. Connect your Twitter Account and Click "continue".
    Alt Text

  5. Enter Your RSS Feeds URL.
    For this Demo, I'm using Azure Updates RSS Feed.
    Alt Text
    Alt Text

  6. Select "Primary feed link" from dynamic content and Enter the Hashtag "#PowerPlatformTest". Remember put a spacing after "Feed title".
    Alt Text

7.Click "Save".

8.If any update from Azure updates. Your Social Media Account will auto post the post.
Alt Text

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