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Chathula Sampath
Chathula Sampath

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Manage project from start to end

Hey all,

Just wanted to know your ideas and approches which used to manage a software project from start to end. how do you start your work, how do you release something for production first. how long normally you take to do to define basic features that you need to have in the project? What kind of architectural approch you take when you start something first? How to decide the tech stack?

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Nick Holmes

I think you need to narrow your question do a bit. Or a lot. There are endless ways to handle these topics, and what would be appropriate would depend on the many factors - the complexity of the problem to be solved, the criticality of it, the available budget, the experience of the team you have, are there any deadlines to meet, are there standards that must be met, is the project for a new application, or upgrade to something that already exists, etc, etc.

So the way you start is by asking all those kinds of questions.

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Chathula Sampath

Just think that you are going to do a some personal project. How do you get started?