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chathula profile image Chathula Sampath ・1 min read

Everytime when i visit to, after few minutes i get an email by saying that someone has followed me. Is this some kind of way that has implemented to get visitors back to the site or when user visit to the site only sends the notifications to users about their followers?

Does anybody notice this also?


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Ben Sinclair

Well you can turn that off at /settings/notifications if you find it annoying (personally I turn pretty much everything off!).

I haven't read the source for but you can see exactly what its algorithms are if you want. That said...


I suspect when you visit, your account gets marked as recently active, which makes it more likely to be picked as a suggestion to follow for new signups. I seem to remember that when you first join, it offers you some topics and people to follow based on them. My notifications include "x people followed you" sometimes, and it's much more common after I've made a post, for example, even sometimes exceeding the number of views that post seems to have had.


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Hi there, i had the same thing as you have. But this was on my instagram acc. When i downloaded apps to promote my acc i always had such notifications i think that was because of bugs on the app i downloaded. The last thing i used was site where i bought instagram likes and followers to increase my popularity and that time i don't remember any bagsm everything was ok. I got my followers and likes and positive comments so it really worked. I need it to promote myself and my products. I'm a student and i learned designing and programming so i make different kind of animated pics and games and so on.