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Clientelify Featured on BetaList Front Page!

charlieinthe6 profile image Charlie Reese 🦖 Updated on ・2 min read

Getting Listed on BetaList

Yesterday the Clientelify team received an email from BetaList saying we'd be listed in roughly 30 days! As such, we were very surprised to learn a couple hours ago that we had been listed late this morning!


We shared the news with our subscriber base at CharlieReese (~200 subscribers) as well as friends on Facebook, LinkedIn, IndieHackers, and (I have a tiny Twitter following).

Our BetaList launch included a waitlist for our appointment reminder / scheduling application (we are offering users who join the waitlist 20% off when we launch) as well as two Sketch prototypes of envisioned functionality (links available below).

Getting Featured on BetaList

Two days after Clientelify was listed, we were featured as a trending startup at the top of BetaList! We've seen our traffic pick up since, and we couldn't be happier!

What is Clientelify?

Clientelify is a HIPAA compliant message and appointment scheduling application. It is perfect for reminding customers of upcoming appointments, reminding customers to leave reviews, or for prompting customer action.

It also features a public appointment scheduling page, which allows interested customers to book their own appointments whenever is best for them (check it out in the Sketch prototype below).

How We Built Clientelify

We built Clientelify using Rails, as well as the blog_boi and terra_boi gems (which we created for Clientelify and then open sourced).

BlogBoi is a rails engine for creating and editing blog posts.

TerraBoi is a rails gem for generating infrastructure as code files (i.e. Terraform, Packer, and Docker) for your rails app. It allows you to immediately deploy a basic rails application to AWS staging and production environments with zero downtime deployments and customizable infrastructure (vs less flexible, more expensive solutions like Heroku).

We created the UI for the application using Sketch. Sketch is a great tool for quickly creating and sharing prototype applications before writing code (it is even more useful if you can't code!). I learned how to use Sketch roughly 6 months ago largely through the Sketch docs, which are really good! I think Sketch still offers a free month trial. Definitely check it out!

Where You Can Learn More About Clientelify

Please check out our page (Clientelify) on BetaList, check out our Sketch prototypes below (you can click through them), or ask us a question on!



Links & Resources:

Sketch application prototype

Sketch public facing scheduling prototype

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We just hit the front page of BetaList!