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How does open source impact your local community?

charlesdlandau profile image Charles Landau ・1 min read

For the past few months I've been participating with Code for DC, a Code for America brigade. As part of this work I even joined a civic tech podcast for a discussion about one of the projects we're working on (I'll post that in the comments).

Like most volunteer organizations, I've seen how the leaders of the brigade struggle to understand the impact of their work. Anyway, all this led me to wonder how open source is impacting other communities. So, I thought it might be worth asking:

  1. How has open source impacted your local community (if at all)?
  2. Has your journey as a developer given you new tools you can use to help your community?
  3. What are some ways that open source COULD help your local community, but currently doesn't?


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Maybe it is not an actual impact yet but i and my friends are trying to organise our free time to create an webapp helping teachers in our school teach modern day(real c++ not c with classes) programing and allow them to test their solutions using automated tests. We want to start on worst part of our school curriculum that is algorithm schemats. Our current way of doing it is pen and paper. Witch is good for teaching that programing is about problem solving but correcting their messy assignments takes too much time. Platform that can automatically test not only algorithm schematics but c++ or python code would be great for doing tests that give everybody slighty diffrent challenge so they can't just coppy each other work. I'm totally new to fullstack programing and beeing the lead of development and devops team so it's new exiting chalange. Have a great time.


Thanks for sharing! Sounds similar to repl.it -- very cool!


The podcast I mentioned: