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19ths Time the Charm

Hi, I'm Cole

I've been programming since around '06/'07.
Programming well for about a year and a half.

The journey has been very start and stop.
For instance, back in sophomore year of HS i was downloading python on the family computer.
The installation finished, I stared at the syntax and immediately became discouraged.

What the hell was a variable?
Why is there x and y everywhere?
I deemed programming as : lame (read:difficult), yet interesting.

Senior year. New school, new classes.
I took an introduction to programming class and learned VB.Net.
It was way easier to work with.
Combolists, Inputboxes. I could see exactly what I was working with.
(Thinking back on it now, I am most likely a visual learner, but besides the point).

The final project was a Santa Claus kid list. It showed the kid, their alignment, and what they wanted.

Fast-forward to around 4 years ago. My new job deals with ALOT of Excel. Realizing everything was super slowI discover macros and userforms, and from there it was like riding a bike.

From writing macros, I started to learn C-sharp in the hopes of working my way into the company's Software Development department.

C-sharp has a way steeper learning curve and I'm still learning the ins and outs through projects, but I wanted to pivot to web development.

I've found that Web development innovates a lot faster and it isn't a field that I can ignore professionally. So as it is with most things, I threw myself headfirst into only web development topics.

I'm currently using the MERN (Mongodb,Express,React,Nodejs) stack, without R.
For front-end, I have been writing everything by hand, and just recently learned how to write/use Pug.

As for me personally, I am a huge introvert, so forcing myself to write out my processes and make posts is both terrifying and cathartic.

I look forward to posting my journey. You can also follow me on my Github.

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