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My take on the LCPC (Lebanese Competitive Programming Competition)

charbelsako profile image Charbel Sarkis ・1 min read

How we trained?

For this part I could seriously say we slacked off a lot. Not to mention the fact that we were solving the wrong questions to begin with. We ended up attempting to solve the ICPC questions instead of LCPC, believe it or not, there is a vast difference between them. So we were way in over our heads and programming in a language we didn’t have that much experience in (C++).

The actual competition

The competition wasn’t THAT tough. It’s like every question was within the team’s grasp except for a tiny overlooked detail. As frustrating as it was, we only managed to solve 2 questions, but on the bright side, the food was great so it doesn’t matter.

A couple of images from the competition


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