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Getting Started with Git and GitHub: A simple roadmap

This guide will offer a summary on how to get started and learn about Git and Github.


Here is the roadmap in a simple image representation:

Git and GitHub Roadmap


  1. What is Git and Github

    • Learn what is Git and GitHub.
    • Understand why it is important for developers
    • Install Git locally and create GitHub account.
  2. Basic and Useful Git Commands

    • Learn basic Git commands, such as git init, git add, and git commit.
    • Link Git and GitHub together
    • Learn about branches, for example creating and merging branches
  3. Collaborate with Git

    • Learn about cloning repositories and forking repositories.
    • Learn about pull requests and how they are used.
    • Practise pulling and pushing changes.
  4. Advanced Git and GitHub commands and features

    • Learn advanced Git commands, such as, git rebase, and git reset.
    • Learn to resolve merge conflicts
    • Learn about GitHub workflows, actions and codespaces.
  5. Learn Markdown

    • Everything in GitHub is written in Markdown so it is a good idea to know the basics of how to write in Markdown.
    • Useful rescources for this are: Markdown Cheatsheet and Markdown Editor

I hope you enjoyed reading this short guide and found the content helpful. If you want more information you can always reach out to me and I will help as best as I can πŸ˜„.

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