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Ashik Chapagain
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Top Six Youtube Videos, You must watch

Hey, Developers

Today morning, I was surfing the internet and was trying to get some ideas to write an article today. Then, I found some of the videos which were worth sharing. And I thought of sharing about those videos in an article, so, here it is.

Let's see what are those videos, that you must watch as a developer and blogger.

1. NUMBER ONE Trait of a Senior Developer - Do you have it?

In this video, James has explained how you can get a tag of "Senior Developer" and he has shared the things, that you'll need to be a senior developer and many other cool stuffs that you will need in your programming career.

From, his video the second video came here on the list.

2. FiveThings Junior Developers Need to Know

In this video, Burke and Aimee sit down to talk about 5 things that Jr. Developers should know about.

3. Hackathon! What? Why? Top tips

In this video, Eddie Jaoude has explained many things about Hackathons like why you need to join Hackathons, what are Hackathons and he has given some tips that you will require in every hackathon ever to get more from it.

4. Text Editor VS IDE - know the difference (PLEASE! 🙏🏻)

In 4th number, I have listed a video by Ania Kubow, where she has gone through:

  • Pros of Text Editors
  • Cons of Text Editors
  • Pros of IDEs
  • Cons of IDEs And also explained why, IDE and Text Editors can't be compared.

5. How to make money while blogging | Competition!

This video was uploaded by Adrian Twarog, where he had told how technical writers or bloggers can make money by blogging.

6. How to use APIs

Another video on the list by Ania Kubow, where see has gone through:

  • What is an API?
  • Using a RestFul API - explaining GET, POST, PUT, and DELETE
  • Making Requests
  • Status Codes
  • Working with Authorization
  • REST vs SOAP vs RPC

This is a list of 6 videos, that you must watch on Youtube.

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