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I Created a full stack toDoApp with auth using the MERN stack (mongodb, express, react & node)

chaoocharles profile image Chaoo Charles ・2 min read

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The reason for creating this toDoApp was to refresh my MERN stack skills and also to create comprehensive tutorials for beginners. Check out my free MERN stack tutorials here.

When you are a beginner, creating a todo app is one of the ways you can get your hands dirty when learning to code. You should not learn a new technology by reading it like a book or watching the tutorials like your favorite movie series. Develop a habit of creating things. Let those errors get you out of your comfort zone. Creating a todo app is a good beginning.

On the other hand, for experienced developers, a todo app can be a good and simple way of refreshing basic skills. Basics are very important, you wouldn't understand the complex topics if you missed the basics. or would you?

While todo apps are usually simple, I created a quite complex one. I created my own endpoints using node.js and express, secured these endpoints using jwt, hashed the password with bcrypt, stored the data on MongoDB atlas, and hosted the backend on Heroku. I then created a front-end using React, react-router, material UI redux and redux hooks, protected the routes, and deployed the frontend on netlify. You can access it here

To learn how I did all this from scratch to deployment, you can follow these tutorials on my channel. You will learn how to perform CRUD operations, authentication and authorization, and deployment.

Happy coding 💙

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