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5 Must Know Upwork Freelancing Tips 🔥

In this post I will give you 5 Upwork freelancing tips that will help you to land projects to work on.

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  • Bid on most recent projects

Bid on projects that are fresh without many bids. I recommend projects that have not more than 15 proposals. This way your proposal will be among the first one and stand a chance of client checking on it.

  • Always check the client stats

Always check the client stats to make sure that the client is not a toxic client and whether he/she is more likely to hire on a project. Some clients are hard to work with, and you don't want a bad review after a project. Make sure they have verified their payment and have good reviews before bidding. Let hire rate be at least 50% and average review of at least 4.5. The following is an example of a good client.

about client

  • Make sure you can deliver

Do not bid on a project you can't complete. Read the title and the description clearly and make sure that you have the necessary skills and experience of completing the project. If you can't deliver you will get a bad review on the job and that hurts your profile reputation.

  • Complete your profile

Make your profile *100% * complete. Clearly state your role/skills at the title as well as at the description. Make the client impressed incase they happen to check your profile. Here is an example of my title:

upwork title

  • Make your cover letters short and precise

To make your client to actually read your cover letter, make them short and custom for each bid. Client is likely to ignore your cover letter incase they find it to be too long. Also, if possible share a link to a similar project you have done before in your cover letter. The following is an example of a short cover letter that got me a long term gig:

Hello, I'm available to work as a fulltime React Developer on your app

I have 3 years of experience working with React and also teach the Technology on my YouTube Channel. Here is a link:

Kind regards,

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If you work with Upwork, which other tips would you recommend?

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