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Jaspersoft Studio: Using a new font in the report

Problem (murmurs)

This is my first time using Jaspersoft Studio. Once my coworkers downloaded a new font, the font would appear in the selection box automatically after restarting Jaspersoft Studio. However that is not my case. Neither restarting the application nor the computer works for me.


I refer to the documentation from Jaspersoft community.

  1. On the tool bar, select Window > Preferences. Then find Jaspersoft Studio > Fonts.
    Jaspersoft Studio > Fonts

  2. Select Add From Path on the right and select the folder of the .ttf file of the downloaded font. (Not from the Fonts folder in Windows OS but the actual file path.) Select Finish and after the application analyzes the folder, the font would appear in Font List.
    Add From Path

  3. Apply and close the Preferences window. Right click the project you are working on and select Properties. You can see the font in Font List of Workspace Settings. 🙌
    query is my project name

  4. The font would now appear in the selection box as expected. 🎉🎉
    New font would automatically appears

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