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Hunter Chang
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Gatsby Lander, A Single Page Starter For Gatsby

Hey Everyone!

I just finished up this new Gatsby Starter I've been working on called Gatsby Lander.

👀 Preview:

It's built using a Gatsby Theme called gatsby-theme-codebushi, which includes Tailwind CSS and Emotion.

This is very much an experimental Gatsby site, I was playing with the idea of using Tailwind CSS in a theme, and then using that theme to quickly build out other websites.

If you're interested, please check it out and let me think if this is something you would find useful. Customization is quite easy, but it required knowledge of Tailwind CSS. I could have built more components out of the HTML, but wasn't sure how much that is needed.

As a result of this experiment, I can say that Tailwind CSS is quite awesome and the utility first approach to CSS is something I'll probably stick with for future projects. Thanks for taking a look!

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