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Upgradable contracts (part-1)

In Part-1, We will see what is Upgradable contract

One of the basic rules of EVM is that once a contract is deployed, it cannot be changed. Instead, an upgradable smart contract uses a special proxy pattern. The latter involves deploying proxy contracts and implementation contracts (logic contracts).

  • User interacts with proxy contract that intiates fallback function that deligates call to contract implementation(V1).
  • Proxy contract has upgrade function to deligate call to new contract implementation(V2).
  • For security purpose, upgrade function should be invoked by only Admin.
  • Admin interacts with proxy admin contract which interm calls upgrade function of the proxy

image 1

image 2


what is the need to upgrade our smart contracts ?

  • fix vulnerability
  • update bussiness logic
  • add new functionality

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