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Scripting VS Programming

Scripting And Programming Languages are Computer Languages.

all the Scripting Languages Are Programming Languages (i.e. Python) But All The Programming Languages Are Not Scripting Languages (i.e. Java).The basic difference between them is that scripting languages are not compiled, they are *interpreted.

interpretation in the context of programming refers to ,the process of translating and executing source code directly, without a separate compilation step.

Scripting Languages:
scripting languages are programming languages are specially designed to operate within runtime environments. Languages Such as Python and Javascript, being often interpreted, rely on the runtime environment for their execution. The Runtime Environment includes essential components like interpreters, libraries and memory management, ensuring that the scripting language can run smoothly and efficiently. scripting is particularly useful for Automating Repetitive tasks and Rapid Prototyping(creating a basic version of a software application with essential features).

Programming Languages:
Programming, in simple words, is like giving instructions to a computer to make it perform specific tasks. we use Programming Languages like Python, Java, C etc. to give precise Instructions to computer. the computer then follows these instructions and does what you want it to do, whether it is solving a problem, processing data, or creating a game.

Difference Between Scripting And Programming(as verbs) in computer science:

Nature: Scripting- Scripting is typically linked to creatin scripts, sequence of commands executed without requiring compilation.

Programming: Programming Involves Crafting code to build software or application, often necessitating a compilation step before execution step.

Execution: Scripting-Scripts are commonly interpreted at runtime, allowing for immediate adjustments.

Programming- Programs undergo a compilation(transformation) into machine-readable code, transforming the written code into the language the computer can understand.

Application: Scripting-- Frequently used for automating specific tasks, swift prototyping and managing smaller-scale operations.

Programming- Applied for developing intricate software, applications with scalability and efficiency.

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