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Sumit Wadhwa
Sumit Wadhwa

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How will Google crawl my website in response to JSON-LD?

JSON-LD is a convenient way to put my site's meta information to be displayed by search engines.

My question is:

Will Google be able to crawl my site's JSON-LD if it's not in the final page source sent by the server, rather generated on the client side with JS?

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Ben Halpern

Google claims to be able to crawl client-rendered stuff, but people are still sort of skeptical about this as far as I know. And in terms of specific meta info like JSON-LD, I'd be especially uncertain.

If you can do any experiments to confirm whether it can, let me know!

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Sumit Wadhwa Author • Edited on

Hey Ben, I experimented and got my site re clawed via Webmaster tools. However, it didn't work. I read somewhere that Google employs less intelligent bots for new sites with less views and ratings, and that they do not render client side JavaScript for such sites.

When I switched it back, and starting sending static JSON-LD from the server itself, it works the same way like it used to.

During my hunt, I found this
Full Specification
But I could not really understand much of it.

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Sumit Wadhwa Author

This is also worth looking