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Sumit Wadhwa
Sumit Wadhwa

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A Web App that tells which Tech is more trending than the others - in real time.

I've started out my programming career pretty recently and the best thing I learnt so far is that we should learn not just to code but to create.

So, the other day, I was visiting couple forums online that, perhaps, developers visit on a daily basis. You know like StackOverflow, or Github. And there I saw information. Information about how much people are involved in any given technology. So I thought to myself, let's create more information.

Within couple days (since the idea was clear) I created this application that lets you compare and tells which one is more hotter than the others that you may mention.

Check out: SixthHash . It was a rushy thing that I'd made for the first time. The App is hosted over AppSpot by Google and uses php & js.

Share your experience and please let me know what changes you felt should be there in the App.

Thanks for reading.

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