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Chaitanya Gautam
Chaitanya Gautam

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open source project

Hey! can someone point me in the right direction?
I really need to skill up and I can't think a better way than contributing to open source community.

I really need an open source project for Java can anyone suggest me where to look for?

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Joe Mainwaring • Edited on

So fun fact: Code isn't the only way to contribute to the open source community!

One super simple way people can begin to participate while they grow their skillset as a developer is to submit bug reports or issues to the project! How you can do this:

Find a problem with OSS you're using.

Fairly self explanatory, but you'd be surprised how much OSS is used in the things you use everyday.

Search for an existing issue describing the problem.

This step is super important, and you don't want to create noise for the OSS maintainers. If you do find an existing issue, check to see if the issue thread describes a solution. If it does not, then include a comment indicating that you're also experiencing this problem (this helps the maintainers prioritize things) and provide any additional context necessary to contribute towards a solution.

Submit a ticket yourself.

If there's no existing issue, then start a conversation! Many projects these days have templates to fill out bug reports, so just follow the conventions in that template. If one doesn't exist, I will submit a ticket using the following format:

  • Problem described as a user story
  • Expected behavior described as a user story
  • A description body providing my context on the situation
  • Technical Details - I'll use this last section as a dump for any logs, terminal output, screenshots, or attachments that aren't directly referenced in the description body.
## Problem
As a user, when I apply the shuffle method to a deck of cards, the cards dealt appear in default order

## Expected Behavior 
As a user, when I apply the shuffle method to a deck of cards, the cards dealt should be in a random order 

## Description
I tried this multiple times with the same result.  The shuffle method continues to serve the cards in the same order 2 through ace.  

##Technical Details
screenshot or video of the action being performed multiple times 
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Get more involved

I've found that participating as an issue reporter is a good gateway into actually contributing code, and you may find that other maintainers will provide you with a solution path that you can then execute on and contribute.

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Swapnil Gupta • Edited on

I am choosing some project management tools to work on, I have posted/reshared on LinkedIn few days back, where you can check other tools and platform to contribute to

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Vincent A. Cicirello

You might consider adding #help to this post. DEV uses that tag for posts seeking help with something and I think this fits.

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Vincent A. Cicirello

You can try searching GitHub, restricting search by language to Java and looking for issues tagged with "good first issue".

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