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Is JavaScript a silver bullet?

I've been in a software development for 4 years and I'm using JavaScript as my main language on web, mobile, api, desktop development even on end to end testing and devOps tasks. Some developers who use this or that language says

"Does your language able to do this or that?" and I'm gonna say
"Yeah sure it can because in reality it does".

Clearly I'm biased in favor of JavaScript πŸ˜‚. And they gonna say "Oh really?".
Receiving that kind of reaction lead me to share this.

"JavaScript is not a silver bullet and it will never be."

Now wondering...
Why did I say that?

"You're not suppose to say that because you are a JavaScript guy"

To my fellow JavaScript guys around there πŸ˜‚ forgive me.

JavaScript is not a silver bullet, just because it can do a lot of things other language cannot, which solves a lot of problems. It just happened that JS community is very active and rapidly growing. I can say that yeah JavaScript can do this thing like this language but not 100% much better than it's counter part language because it really depends on many factors. It just happen that it's flexible to do things that other language can.

πŸ˜‚ Final thought to other developers and my fellow JavaScript Engineers/Developers.

"JavaScript is not a silver bullet and it will never be"


"JavaScript can be use to built one..."


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