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Discussion on: Building a decentralized web is hard. Who's in?

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Cassiano Gobbet

Great text, Justin. It aims right where it's needed.

Adding my two cents here: we will never create a fully decentralized Internet. I think the proposition, despite being theoretically ethical and purposeful, overlooks the costs (financial and not-financial) to do it beyond a tiny fraction of hyperconnected, tech-savvy companies and individuals. The offline world establishment is still too strong to allow a third Internet wave, where the current powers have little influence.

But there is another option I can envisage: a new layer that connects to the current model of Internet in many points and then becomes a sub-network which can manage to become a new, decentralized network in the future. This is perfectly possible, it may have feasible costs and makes the new 3.0 Internet become an everlasting process instead of a new thing. We can think about it as an alternative network that, at least for starters, retrieve data from the Web but, within its own domains, determine and enforce rules using tools like dat://, Matrix, Secure Scuttlebutt, etc, until it has traction to really become a new entity.