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Create a Netflix clone from Scratch: JavaScript PHP + MySQL Day 40

Netflix provides streaming movies and TV shows to over 75 million subscribers across
the globe. Customers can watch as many shows/ movies as they want as long as they are
connected to the internet for a monthly subscription fee of about ten dollars. Netflix produces
original content and also pays for the rights to stream feature films and shows.

In this video,we will be uploading Entity Data into Database

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James Stine

Not sure this series makes a lot of sense when none of this is built to scale.

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Jesus Christ....

I understand that this is hard and time consuming work. But In my opinion information in these articles (actually i just checked first 15 minutes of current "lesson") is more harmful then useful.

Author should follow best practices and recommendations to deliver good quality code and teach others the same. And of course learn this as well all along the way.

  1. Formatting. It's really important. Please check PSR-12. You can setup PHP sniffer to highlight "code formatting errors"
  2. You probably better to use some framework, it's flexible, requires less time for basic stuff and you will have more time to actually do things you want to achieve. 2.1: if you don't want to use framework to whatever reasonable reason - you can use microframework, e.g slim. 2.2 in worth case scenario, build your own framework, but you should use best practices and recommendations, such as PSR-7, PSR-11, PSR-3, PSR-4, and so on 3 if you use framework/microframework it will be easier but still: you must not mix html and PHP code. It's just non practical, impossible to write tests and easy to lost in such code
  3. Write tests along your development it will help to don't break stuff too often. 5...

With at least these things done I believe you will have much more subscribers and people will see you as a specialist and you work will be more valuable


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Christopher Glikpo • Edited

@oleksandr ,thank you for taking your time to review my work.I really appreciate it.I will work on that.

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