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Discussion on: Why Do Companies Ask For Passion?

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Francisco Quintero 🇨🇴

Interesting topic. In my case, whenever I've had the chance to interview people, I don't ask for passion but I try to identify it from every candidate. I do it because, to me, it shows they like what they do, they like to dig deeper, and also learn.

If those candidates I see as "passionate" work extra hours or learn on their leisure time, it's mostly their choice. Myself (and the company I work for) encourage people to not work extra time, to stop working on time or earlier. This is way I do look for "passion" but don't ask directly.

Nonetheless, what you mentioned is really important and it's something I'll bare in mind next time I interview someone and don't find the "passion" on her.

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Nočnica Fee Author

Thank you for reading and commenting!

For me, I'm looking for something milder than passion. Call it satisfaction. If someone feels like the work is something they enjoy and often feel satisfied by, that's great.

If they hate the work, that's obviously bad. It's also concerning if they really really love the work.

So i suppose i want someone for whom work is a 7/10, pretty good thing.