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How to make a Squarespace domain work with Netlify

If you're getting the error below when trying to Set up Netlify DNS for your Squarespace domain, read this post.

A DNS zone for this domain already exists on NS1, the DNS provider backing Netlify DNS

NS1 Netlify Error

Go to your Squarespace account and click in the domain you want to configure.

1 - Advanced Settings > Nameservers Settings

Squarespace Nameserver Settings Button

2 - Make sure you have "Use custom nameservers" selected. And declare only the nameservers of Squarespace (This is needed to SSL certificate to work)

Squarespace Nameserver Settings options

3 - Now go to "Edit DNS".

Squarespace Edit DNS Button

4 - Add the following two records. Make sure to declare the correct url of Netlify app. (In the first line, the IP is the same for all).

Squarespace custom DNS

Now you can go back to your Netlify account, and click at the "Domain management" tab, and see that your domain is working as expected.


Domain list at netlify with error


DOmain list at netlify with everything ok

The information above can be seen in the Netlify Forums/Tutorials, but not this straight forward. Thats why i decided to make this post.

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Bart Zalewski

Great post!

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Cesar Bhering

Just updated it, so SSL Certificate can work.