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Top dying Programming languages in 2021

sunanda35 profile image SUNANDA SAMANTA Originally published at ・1 min read

You should know this because it will help you where you going to head with your career. And of course, one programming language doesn’t ultimately matter because when you are making a project, you will be using multiple programming languages.

In this article, we are going to focus on data, analysis, google trends, not my personal opinion. Let’s see what the behaviors of the world are using. That’s why we are going to use the PYPL index instead of the TIOBE index.

If you compare python with javascript, in google trends python is far more popular than javascript, but in youtube video watching comparison javascript taken far better views than python.

Let me propose a question, why there fewer people search on something even that is in high demand?
Actually I don’t have an answer. If you know, let the world know as a response.
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joelbuenrostro profile image
Joel Buenrostro

A shame about Ruby, in the beginning it seemed like a language with a lot of future

sunanda35 profile image
jupiteris profile image
Jupiter Programmer

Yes, I think like you. I still think that Ruby is in trend now.

chadalen profile image
Chad Alen

If it wasn’t for wordpress PHP would be on this list too