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Build a Video Meeting app using WebRTC and

sunanda35 profile image SUNANDA SAMANTA Originally published at ・1 min read

Here we will develop a video meeting application. Here meeting id will generate automatically. With whom you share your meeting id, they can join your meeting. So, let’s build this gorgeous application.

Let’s build a video meeting application. Here we will build a single page application that runs on an Express server.

You can download the full application code from our GitHub repo. To run this app, you need to install node and Express on your system.

If node not installed in your system. You can run the following command.

$ sudo apt update
$ sudo apt install nodejs
Or, you can install useing npm.

Also, your system should connect with a camera or webcam. You also need a second device to check the remote connection to video call.

Our using dependencies:

  • Nodejs – For backend.
  • Expressjs – Nodejs server.
  • Socket – To continuous connection between devices.
  • WebRTC – Real-time communication between browsers.
  • HTML, CSSS, vanilla etc.

Check this app on:

GitHub repo:

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