Completed Hacktoberfest!

Cem Ugur Karacam on October 24, 2019

The first time I heard about Hacktoberfest, it was in 2017. I had very little knowledge about programming but since then I followed the event every... [Read Full]
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very good.
also i'm in first way of game developing :D


Good to see more game devs here. Keep going!


Ikr but always take a safety (You would have redeemed already before posting 😛).


Can anyone tell me how I can add a DEV badge to my GitHub profile as it was written to log in dev hacktoberfest community to add badge to the GitHub profile?


Hey @namanzelawat and @cemuka , I think you're referring to the Hacktoberfest badge on DEV? If so, we'll be awarding that to everyone in early November!

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