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Winston Transports??

Brief Introduction to what is winston?

Winston is a node package that provides a simple and universal logging library. It supports multiple transports, such as file, console, and syslog. Winston is easy to use and can be customized to meet your specific needs.

Did you see the words multiple transports and customized in the above definition of winston (that I asked Google Bard to write)? Yeah, winston is probable the most sophisticated and customizable logger out there.

What are transports?

So we know that winston supports multiple transports, but what is a transport anyway?

In winston, transport is essentially a storage device for your logs. Each instance of a winston logger can have multiple transports configured at different levels.

So transport is basically like where you want to store your logs.

There are some most basic ones like:

  • The Console

    import winston from "winston"
    export const logger = winston.createLogger(
            transports: [
                new winston.transports.Console()
  • Files

    new winston.transports.File({ filename: "logs/all.log" })

Console and file are like the most basic ones, Console basically prints your logs to the console and file one just stores your log in the defined file. You can go crazy with the options and do a lot more stuff, like storing logs of only a specific level, let’s say error or something.

The default ones are great, and they make for the most basic use cases, but if you’re going into production and logs are just more than something you’ll use to debug and get HTTP status codes.

There are a lot of platforms that allows you to store your logs and do crazy things with them (basically alerts and analytics). Some of them are Logtail, and an open source one is Highstorm.

To upload your logs to them, you’ll need custom transport. winston give you the power to create custom transports pretty easily with the winston-transport package, and here’s how you do it…

Custom Transports

So basically custom transports are to upload your logs to some sort of storage or maybe do something else with it, like creating alerts and stuff.

Here’s how you create basic custom transport for winston:

// my-transport.ts

import Transport, { TransportStreamOptions } 'winston-transport';
import type { LogEntry } from "winston";

export class MyTransport extends Transport {
    opts: TransportStreamOptions
  ) {

            * Consume any custom options here. e.h:
                * Connection information for databases
                * Authentication information for APIs

    // this functions run when something is logged so here's where you can add you custom logic to do stuff when something is logged.
  log(info: LogEntry, callback: any) {
        // make sure you installed `@types/node` or this will give a typerror
    // this is the basic default behavior don't forget to add this.
        setImmediate(() => {
      this.emit("logged", info);

    const { level, message, ...meta } = info;

    // here you can add your custom logic, e.g. ingest data into database etc.

        // don't forget this one
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Now you can add your custom transport very easily as:

// logger.ts

import {MyTransport} from "./my-transport.ts"

const options = {
    // custom transport options

const myTransport = new MyTransport(options)

export const logger = winston.createLogger({
    transports: [
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Pretty easy to write, yup, thanks to winston being the best logger out there with this level of customization. With the above example, you can create any custom transport you want with whatever fancy logic you want.

Check out these to dive deeper:

npm: winston-transport

npm: winston

Here are some packages that provide transports to do various things (mostly upload to their service):

npm: @logtail/winston

npm: winston-transport-sentry-node

npm: winston-kafka-transport

npm: @shelf/winston-datadog-logs-transport

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