Java ecosystem's 10 New Best Practices for the 2020s

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I (Vic Cekvenich) published a 4 page article 'Java ecosystem's 10 New Best Practices for the 2020s',
the full 4 page article is here: https://intuition-dev.github.io/SNX/#/README

Summary: There are some radical differences in today's Java ecosystem relative to the prior decade. The listed difference add up to a difference in kind, not a difference in degree. We have achieved an order of magnitude improvement with the new adjustments in our development. The list has 10 points in 4 pages, including code examples.

Here is the TOC:

1: Starter enterprise cloud software architecture

2: Scala, Kotlin, Groovy

3: Cloud, eg.: S3

4: DB in RAM Memory

5: Tools: Gradle.build, Jitpack, Jitpack CI/CD, Cloud IDE

6: JAR for Services/'REST', with Reactive Streams

7: Stress/Load testing

8: Client side API, Client side ViewModel

9: Switch testing focus to: E2E testing

10 SSR (Server Side Rendering) with Pug

I you'd like to read the entire article, please click https://intuition-dev.github.io/SNX/#/README

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