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Trouble getting your URL to work in Terminal?

While this is not necessarily a post on documenting a particular subject within the pre-work that I am currently undergoing by using Google in order to obtain more information on, I thought this would be an excellent opportunity to document something that I have learned along the way. In retrospect it is simple, however, to a beginner it can seem a bit difficult in the moment trying to navigate the solution. I was creating a new repository on GitHub and everything was going smooth until I went to clone the URL that is given after the required steps were taken.
I opened terminal and entered the required commands in order to add the repository to my computer and was following all of the steps in order to make this happen, but the process was being terminated. The process of checking, and retyping my code while trying to figure out where the problem was turned out to be an hour long process (I know it is, in fact, not the best use of time boxing-but I was determined). The conclusion I came to was in the video I was watching from my course, the source was using the 'SSH' function while copying the URL. After many tries, I decided to do something a little different and used the 'HTML' tab and then copied the URL and integrated that into the commands I was using in terminal in order to save the repository onto my computer.

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Bryan King Pecho

I totally relate! It can be frustrating when the cloning process doesn't go smoothly. Thanks for sharing your experience and the solution you found.