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re: Manjaro: “You said you hated KDE right?” Distros are decoupled from desktop environments, you can run KDE/Gnome/cinnamon/mate/i3/xfce/whatever on...

Not totally true. Some distros do a better job with some desktop environment than others.
For example, I think Manjaro is the perfect choice for KDE... you need that KDE updates, which you don't have in Kubuntu.


You could instead use KDE neon, kde.org/distributions

KDE neon takes the latest Plasma desktop and KDE apps and builds them fresh each day for your pleasure, using the stable Ubuntu LTS base.

KDE neon is the only KDE desktop environment/distro pairing made by KDE (that I'm aware of); one would think if you want the true KDE experience you would get the distro straight from them ;)

Or as with any system you can just build from source.

Yes, I recently tested KDE Neon too! And I like the idea.
For me, Manjaro KDE resulted in a slightly better experience.
In particular some KDE updates (specially recent 5.19 updates) introduced some small but annoying bugs, that I didn't see in Manjaro due to the testing process.

Whatever works for you, but I find it interesting that you call out manjaro for less bugs. In my experience arch and arch related operating systems are bug heavy due to their significant lack of testing capabilities. This is partially why people kinda wear "I run arch" as a badge of honor.

I've run manjaro before and while I didn't run it with KDE, so this experience doesn't particularly translate, I did see a litany of graphical bugs; and this was because of the rolling release style of the system. "Did the package build? Cool, release it"

I tend to find debian based operating systems more stable than Arch ones, but everyone has their own preferences. So I guess back to my original statement

Whatever works for you.

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