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Autoscaling Group With AWS Elastic Load Balancing

If you want to deploy an Autoscaling EC2 infrastructure on AWS using ELB, you'll need to follow this steps:

  1. Launch EC2 Instance
    • EC2 Dashboard > Launch Instance
    • Configure your web app
  2. Transform into AMI
    • Select Instance > Action > Image > Create Image
    • Instance > Delete EC2 Instantes
    • Delete Security Group created with the Instance
  3. Deploy AMI across different zones
    • Load Balancer > Create Load Balancer > Application Load Balancer
    • Select Zones
  4. Configure Secure Groups
    • Create New Secure Group
  5. Configure Target Groups
    • Define a Target Group name
  6. Launch Configurations
    • Choose the AMI created early
    • Define Launch Configuration name
    • Allow traffic just to the Load Balancer Security Group
  7. Configure the Autoscaling Group
    • Autoscaling Group > Create Autoscaling Group
    • Define Name
    • Group Size
    • Choose the subnets
    • Choose Target Groups
    • Health Check Type: ELB
  8. Define the Scaling Policies
    • Create Increase and Decrease Alarms
    • Set Notifications

The Autoscaling Group will launch the AMI instances based on the Increase/Decrease alarms and the minimal requirements.


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