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Candace Eckels
Candace Eckels

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How did you know?

'At what point did you consider yourself a developer?'
Ian Douglas

I was reading Douglas' newsletter about preparing for behavioral questions in interviews. This has not been the first time I have been asked that question but it is the first time I felt I have an answer.

Reflecting back on the last year. I think I struggled with the idea that software development has always been something that I was capable of. I found myself questioning my self often, and at times being way too hard on myself. But finding this career, knowing that it was out there and that it would end up checking all the boxes for me.

I started my career in communications because it was something that I was good at and was comfortable in it. I learned a lot but not too much. In a lot of ways it reinforced my understanding about how things in the world worked. But I think that was what ended up fueling my career change in the end. The yearning for something more...tangible and challenging. Don't get me wrong communications is a tough career but it wasn't challenging for me in the ways that I wanted to challenged. In technology I have found this endless well for knowledge. The depth of which, has been so exciting to explore. For me technology has not been a chore to learn, it has been stimulating.

March 3, 2022, was when I decided to make the change to embrace the challenge that comes with switching careers. Honestly, so far it has been one of the most fulfilling choices I have made in my life thus far.

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