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Simple Tips on How to easily Deploy an Open-Source TypeScript Internal Link Client for Next.js

The pathpida library is best described as an open-source TypeScript friendly internal link client for Next.js and Nuxt.js. Apart from the fact that it's minimalistic in nature, you would love to lay your hands on it because you don't need to configure anything as you can make use of the application on the get-go after installation.

For the manipulation of internal links in Next.js/Nuxt.js, pathpida does help in automatically generating type definition files.

This open-source application has four dependencies: @nuxt/config, @chokidar, minimist and next.

Features of pathpida

  1. Type Safety
  2. Zero configuration
  3. Zero runtime

1. How to Install pathpida

You can always use npm or yarn to provide installation for the application.

Using npm, simply input:
$ npm install pathpida npm-run-all --save-dev

Using [Yarn], simply input:
$ yarn add pathpida npm-run-all --dev

2. Setup for Next.js

Alt Text

3. How to Use pathpida for Next.js

You can simply do this in two ways

The first method:
Alt Text

The Second Method:
Alt Text
Alt Text

4. How to Define Query for Next.js

Alt Text
Alt Text

5. Generate Static Files Path for Next.js

Alt Text
Alt Text
Alt Text

How I simply implemented pathpida in My Last Project

Alt Text
Alt Text

Functions of pathpida to Next.js

1) Recursively lists all the files in the pages folder into a single file called path.ts.

2) It helps extract link parameter names/values.

3) it also adds type restrictions to the Link component.

4) probably relevant, it has a live reload functionality that runs along side next dev script, which helps autogenerate a new list in path.ts at every change.

It’s amazing how simple is to deploy pathpida in 2021. We used tools like Typescript, Next.js, etc. Hope you enjoy and find the article useful.

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