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Discussion on: I don't prep for the 'tech' part of tech interviews; does that work for you, too?

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Corey Cleary

I respect that a lot. The last round of interviews I did I took a similar approach. Mostly to weed out companies that I would have to prepare for. I figured that if I had to prepare for a technical interview process, then their process sucks.

This meant turning down some interviews but ultimately landed me somewhere I've been pretty happy at.

Regarding interview them, have you ever seen this "Culture Queries" tool?

You can basically put in what you're looking for in a company, and it will give you a bunch of questions to ask during the interview process to see if that company aligns with your values/what you're looking for.

I used it as part of my last interviews and it was really helpful.

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Ashleigh Roberts

That tool is amazing! Going to share that with my candidates going forward