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When you quit without anything lined up, how was your experience interviewing while you were unemployed? Did it come up during interviews? I realize there is a big fear around this - that you are "supposed to always be employed!" - but wonder if it's really as big a deal is it's made out to be.

Great post!


It's not the fear that surrounds supposed to be always employed. There is the pressure of skipping bills and payments of the month which disrupts the financial management of the next month and starts a disastrous chain of events which is quite difficult to recover from.


Both times I have been able to get a job after quitting without too much hassle. Shorter gaps (< 3 months) in my employment history I don't explain. Longer gaps I stress the open source online communities I worked with while searching.

If you have the safety net to quit a toxic environment without something lined up, I recommend it. In my opinion it is better to have a gap in employment than to bring the mistrust and stress with you into the next job.

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