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Top 5 German Translation Companies

The first thing that comes to our mind when we hear about Germany is research and development and innovations. The official language of Germany is German. How can we take advantage of the research and development and technological innovations of Germany? It is possible if we understand the German language. No worries, if we cannot speak and understand the German language. Many translation companies can provide us with impeccable professional German translation services. Let’s have a look at them.

The Word Point

The Word Point is a professional translation company. It is providing services like translation services, certified translation, localization, and transcription services. WordPoint employs a team of native translators that are proficient enough to handle any kind of translation project.

Whether the project is related to games translation or document translation, it provides affluent translation services in more than 50 languages. The native speakers at WordPoint provide excellent localization services to its clients. Game and software localization is handled by native experts for global success.


CCJK is a globally recognized translation company. It has been serving the translation industry for two decades. It is providing services like localization, language services, multimedia, transcreation, editing, and interpretation. These services are provided in an array of different fields like gaming, financial, life sciences, manufacturing, and many more.

CCJK has a team of native translators that are also subject matter experts in their fields. Therefore, they handle all your translation projects with attention to detail. Moreover, all the translation projects are delivered to the clients on time and within budget. It is also backed by ISO certification which ensures the best quality of translation services.

Language Scientific

Language Scientific is a top leading translation and localization company. It is providing services like translation, software localization, and translation, multimedia, and eLearning. The other services provided by LanguageScientific are website translation, Multilingual DTP, Multilingual transcription services, and many more.

LanguageScientific hires a translator that is qualified in the medicine, science, and engineering field and possesses prior experience in their field. Therefore, they provide their clients with impeccable translation services. The native translators have expertise in providing specialized material that is not available to the general public. These include translation of clinical studies, technical manuals, patents, and CAD drawings.

GTS Translation Services

GTS is one of the unique translation companies. It has been serving the translation industry for 15 years. GTS is providing services like advertising, marketing, medical, business, software, and many more. It provides translation services to the clients according to their specific needs. Its employees are a team of proficient translators that provide you with seamless translation services at a fast turnaround time and affordable rates.

To ensure the best quality translation services to its clients, GTS complies with international quality standards. Moreover, they review the translation services before handing them to their clients. If you are looking for a professional translation company in Germany then do opt for GTS translation services.

Mars Translation

Mars Translation is one of the top leading translation companies. It provides services like document translation, e-commerce translation, website translation, and many more. All these services are provided in several industries like game localization, software localization, business and finance, and many more.

If you want to translate your game into the German language then Mars translation will assign such a game translator on your project who has prior experience in the gaming industry and who has already taken gaming Translation projects before. Are you looking for a reliable translation company for game localization and translation then do select Mars translation with any second thought?

Wrapping Up

You have developed a game and want to target a lucrative German market. People download your games only if they are in their native language. So here you have to go for Game translation and localization services. For this, you have to hire a translation company that can provide you with professional german translation services. Be very specific in selecting a translation company because the success of your game in a foreign market depends upon the quality of services.

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