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Rapid development with JHipster and Vaadin - as simple as it sounds!

cbeulke profile image Christian Beulke ・1 min read

Maybe it's too obvious, maybe it's too simple... Nonetheless, the lazy backend engineer that I am, I was looking for a solution to make my life as easy as possible when it comes to repeating tasks like implementing data models as well as building business UI (no fanciness, just a user interface to work with!).

JHipster for backend generation

When it comes to generating data models and all the stuff related like repositories, service classes etc. I think JHipster is a quite fair solution.

Vaadin for frontend implementation

Regarding UI building as a java developer Vaadin is amazing for it spares me all the communication handling between server and client while also supporting very advanced interface components.

Combining them...

Bringing them both together is as simple as it can be. Create a JHipster application with the jhipster cli, add the Vaadin dependencies to the application pom.xml and you are ready to go! Building UI classes with @Route annotations works out of the box.

Next step for me is to find out how to implement a useful authentication and authorization solution. My experiences will appear here soon.

P.S.: Though for now I am really happy with the "JHipster/Vaadin combo", feel free to suggest alternatives for backend generation / UI implementation! I am really interested to broaden the focus :-)

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