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Wordpress theme development - version update function


how to add wordpress theme update function in source files? do i need to add a code in function.php ?

is there any standard code to add? what other files i need to add update functionality code?

i want to do this.
1- I will take wordpress standard theme files from and make it as version 1.0
2- Make some fancy work on it, i will make Landing Pages/sub pages.
3- Make theme documentation for users to read and install.
4- upload on envato market.

So after 2-3 months if i upgrade my theme as in version 1.1
so how i noptify this to my envato users? where i need to add code in my theme for this function?

I know i can take api token generate from envato api website and update this in envato plugin in my wordpress dashboard.

is there anyone doing the same job or have done it?

Please guide
Best Regards

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