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Cathy Casey-Richards
Cathy Casey-Richards

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Where do you get your tech news?

Personally, I pull from a mix of DEV articles, tech-specific podcasts, r/programming, Twitter, and more.

I’m constantly looking for new ways of broadening what I’m exposed to, and so I’m curious! Where do you get your tech news? Are there certain creators you trust more than others? Do you have a specific avenue you choose if you only have time for one?

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Raghu Sharma

Follow Youtube ->>>@google developers ->>> you will get new ideas and if you're into web and javascript and I personally like to watch conferences that inspire me from the latest tech.

for tech news I love

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Adam The Victini

Where is /g/?

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Ricardo Fuhrmann
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Mugoya Dihfahsih

Me personally i get verified tech news from

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Frank Font

Everywhere and everybody.