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Should you reply to recruiters?

Dustin King
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I got an e-mail from a recruiter today, off my LinkedIn profile, about a potential job opportunity. I do like the idea of someone finding me jobs without having to do as much legwork myself, but I haven't tried to get a job through a recruiter before.

I did reply, but I'm wondering what people's experiences with recruiters have been like? I've heard people complain about them, but is there anything I should watch out for?

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Vincent Cantin • Edited

Count your fingers after you shake their hands.

Recruiters are working, they provide a service which is always paid, either by you, your employer, or both.

Update: As a practical advice. I suggest you to ask them how they get paid, and what legal constraints they enforce on their clients (both the employee and/or the employer) once they introduce you to them (and sometimes it can even be before). Read their paperwork carefully before you sign it. Most complains come from people who did not know how much freedom it takes away from your future relation with your employee/employer.

That being said, using a recruter can be a win-win-win. The key is to accept and agree on how to share that 'win'.

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Colin Rhys

Great advice below from Vincent.

There are great recruiters and there are terrible recruiters who can ruin you for a certain company.

Type of β€œdeal” can make a big difference as well. Contract to hire, contract or direct hire. Contract to hire can be tricky.

Did anything end up happening with the recruiter?

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Dustin King Author

I don't remember, so I'm guessing they never replied. That post was from a year and a half ago. But I ghosted again a week or so ago by a different recruiter after I told them I wanted to hold out for an opportunity more in line with what I'd told them I was looking for.