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How Would I Explain React to a kid

Like everything else, You should invest time, discipline and motivation learning and understanding how React works.

But what if a kid suddenly asked you what it is, Of course, you cannot simply throw a college book definition, and let him digest it himself.

For me, in order to understand something, I need to simplify it like I was five years old.

How React Works

React used to build interactive components. It adheres to component-based approach, which allows you to make reusable User Interface elements.

Think of it like a lego block. You can build any figure of any kind by stacking up lego pieces.

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That's the mindset behind React's approach.

Lego blocks are just these UI components, when put together, you can build web apps made up of components.

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I just want to keep this short and simple. That's it.

Hope this makes sense!

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“Hey kid, the React is… like when you’ve got a wooden toy car which you have a lot of fun with at your backyard sandbox, and then comes this upstart Billy with his fancy RC truck (called “React”) bragging everywhere all day long… but in about an hour the toy’s wheels are stuffed with sand, the battery is gone and Billy cries and yells ‘why?!’ and comes to you to ask what’s that cute wooden thingy you hold there…”