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Discussion on: Dev and Designer Communication

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Cat Author

One of my first meetings at work made me realize the dev-designer dynamic, and it's a shock to me that there isn't as much coordination as I thought there would be.

Beginning the new project, I asked the designer, "How is the process getting your design to production?"

"Well, I just hand them the specs and that's it."

Then after the push the designer is pissed because the result looks nothing like the mock. There was no communication whatsoever between the handing off of the spec until push.
There was maybe one introductory component proposal meeting, but that's it.

Designers and devs live in such different worlds.

It seems like trying to change the current dynamic to a more cohesive and harmonious one poses an ultimately huge overhaul of the system.

Thank you for sharing your experience and insight!

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Eli Bierman

I think having a dedicated project manager can really help in situations like these. Good project managers are really skilled at finding common ground between all participants by getting everyone on the same page with the project's motivations. And sometimes people hear things better from a person they perceive as a neutral party. In my experience many designers are really good at project management also, but since developers sometimes view designers as "the person making things pretty," they don't always feel trusting enough to let them take on the project management role when they feel like the lines of responsibility have changed under their feet.