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Discussion on: How Art School Prepared Me for Programming

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Cat • Edited on

I love this:

Dissatisfaction with your work is a sign of developing taste.

I had a conversation with a renowned cartoonist who said

"If you look at what you've done and you're 100 percent satisfied, you've failed as an artist because you aren't growing. But if you take that dissatisfaction and let it fuel you instead of deter you, you'll be able to keep going.
Don't be afraid to fail or revise."

I came from a more art-related background as well!
I'm still a licensed cosmetologist (hair, makeup, skincare--the works) but not practicing. However, I apply what I learned when we were getting ready to work with real clients to design and developer problems and concerns I run into today:

  • Always ask and clarify their wants, needs, and goals
  • Find the balance between their wants and what could be done in reality and present it in an easily digestible manner (i.e. a certain eyeshadow color does not work for their skin, present other shades of color that match closely to the eyeshadow requested, but are more complimentary-- swatch the requested color as well as alternatives.)
  • Give them a realistic timeline for their goals (i.e. acne skin will take a few months to start noticeably clearing up so they would have stick to a regimen)

Wonderful read. Thank you for sharing!

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Anna Rankin Author

Thank you so much for your thoughtful response! That cartoonist has it 💯percent ❤️It's so cool (and inspiring!) to hear how you brought your client-handling and project management skills into your development career.