Why there is not a SDK a la Android for creating Mobile and Desktop APPs based in OpenSource Core Technologies?...

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Why there is not a SDK a la Android for creating Mobile and Desktops APPs based in OpenSource Core Technologies? Let's Avoid Vendor Lock-In.

I've being making myself this question for already long time. Clearly Android success has being due to it's SDK and appeal to developers, so why the people in the OpenSource community have not develop a SDK like that with already known technologies like Kotlin, TypeScript, etc. which already have a large community around them.

Also, to provide the opportunities to create a central OpenSource store/repo where to buy and get the apps and to create the possibilities for other to create their own.

Let's avoid vendor lock-in.

What are your thoughts on this matter?


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Android is not really opensource.. There are many core technologies in the Android ecosystem that are closed.

Also, it's about starting something "better" in the sense of openness where other players are included, just like Linux is!


Thank you for your comment,

I think we should try to learn from other's experiences (In this case Google) and design an SDK/VM or something around already known technologies. We should let Google be Google and focus on the community and the world benefits.

Also, It could have something like Google in the case of the store where they can update/add/improve the APIs without deprecating right away.

Having Gnome and OpenSource community in these settings would make a really rich and diverse system and app universe.

Starting with the more important things and improve upon it with small iterations without all the contradictions that comes sometimes with opensource 😉

I feel you man.. What I'm talking about it's to have a community backed SDK/VM/Platform and Framework where you could theoretically have the Linux❤️🐧 kernel or *BSD kernel, it doesn't matter... and develop for these SDK/VM/Platform and Framework without worrying to much about the underlying system.

Here comes something or someone like the Gnome Foundation to "manage" and route the decision making process and guide the community, just like Linus Torvalds does. I'm saying the Gnome Foundation but if they don't feel like or want could be any opensource foundation.

The thing is that I don't think companies should decide in everything for us because they don't always have the best interest in mind.