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Sorting Git branches

Normally when you run git branch on a repository, you get your list of branches in alphabetical order, which can be very annoying if you have a lot of them (unless you have a very rigid naming system by ticket number or something).

You can change that now!

In your repo, if you do:

git branch --sort=-committerdate
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This will sort all of your branches by the date of their last commit!

You can sort by:

  • authordate
  • committerdate
  • creatordate
  • objectsize
  • taggerdate

Plus, you can also do this globally if you want to always do it by one of these, like so:

git config --global branch.sort -committerdate
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Or, you could set an alias:

git config --global alias.brcd "branch --sort=-committerdate"
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Now go on and git committing!

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Yogindra Raghav

Nice and short -- love these types of useful articles.

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Joe Attardi

Great tip!

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Murtuzaali Surti


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So short