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Oscars 2020 Ballot - My Coding Adventures - Ep 1


Today, I posted my first ever "coding follow-along" to YouTube. My goal was to create a Google Forms hosted Oscars ballot that I could share with my 2020 pool members.

To create this form, I used a combination of web scraping and the Google Apps Script Form Service class. The web scraping piece was inspired by some of the great Wes Bos' videos.

As this was my first ever video, the quality isn't amazing. I don't own a nice mic (used AirPods) and I left in all of my "uhhs" and "umms".

All feedback is welcome. I've shared my finished code here and anyone interested in joining the pool for fun can enter here.

Thanks. πŸ‘¨β€πŸ’»

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Catherine Maldonado

11 Tips That Make You a Better Typescript Programmer


1 Think in {Set}

Type is an everyday concept to programmers, but it’s surprisingly difficult to define it succinctly. I find it helpful to use Set as a conceptual model instead.

#2 Understand declared type and narrowed type

One extremely powerful typescript feature is automatic type narrowing based on control flow. This means a variable has two types associated with it at any specific point of code location: a declaration type and a narrowed type.

#3 Use discriminated union instead of optional fields


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