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Announcing CascadiaJS : PluggedIn

2020 --- What. A. Journey.

We have been working hard to figure out what we can do to best help our community and the people we have been working with in the Pacific Northwest. One of the ways we wanted to help is to move forward with our annual conference, but with a twist. This year CascadiaJS will come to you plugged-in on September 1st and 2nd. We are doing a themed week of content for our community and we are so excited to start sharing with everyone. Let’s dive in!

Speakers … Announced!

We have some amazing content and speakers lined up and are excited to release them. In traditional Cascadia-style, we are releasing them in a roll-out pattern. Please help us by welcoming our first set of speakers!

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Stay tuned over the next week for more information!

Opportunity Scholarships

We have opened up our scholarships for our community to participate in our event this year. Traditionally we have always offered these to help off-set costs for those looking to gain access to information. This year is no different and we are working on ways to provide mentorship for these attendees beyond access.

  • Interested in being a mentor? Join our #mentors Slack channel!
  • Interested in applying for a scholarship? Review requirements and apply here.
  • Interested in supporting the scholarships? Donate towards the fund here.

Leading up to the event

Beyond the week itself, we want to kick off a few things to chat with our community! We will have a CascadiaJS Pre-Launch event in July. A prefunk so to speak! We’d love to have you join us to hear from Brian Leroux and James Quick. We will have more details on how to join soon, but mark your calendars for July 15th.


Are you or your company interested in getting involved and supporting CascadiaJS this year? We have sponsorship opportunities still available you can review on our website or feel free to reach out to us at

We are so excited to bring CascadiaJS: PluggedIn with you! Follow us on Twitter for quick updates or subscribe to our newsletter for information.

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