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Discussion on: What are your struggles as a beginner dev?

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There is just too much stuff. I know basic JS/PHP/C++ and as soon as I get interested in some framework or project I get hit by a train of information that I don't know how to process.
Like, I've recently started looking into Angular and even in a blank project there is just too much stuff. I also find my JS knowledge useless in these cases.
On back-end tech instead I have no idea what to do with the tools I know. I feel like today's standards moved way more on front-end then back-end, so I kinda feel lost on the usefulness of languages like PHP or C++ on small beginner projects.

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Cristina Ruth Author

Too much stuff indeed! Too much documentation / blog posts to read through and too many integration points (plug-ins and more blog posts and more documentation) if you want to customize the stuff you're building. 😕